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Stringbike benefits

Stringbike blue string

Clean & oil free

Your stringbike is always clean and oil free: whether riding or transporting or during storage or maintenance.

Say goodbye to the greasy chain, the dangerously sharp sprockets or delicate derailleurs. No more greasy palms, greasy wrists, cuts, scrapes or soiled clothes.

Stringbike rear wheel drum

Smooth & graceful

Strings are transferring the leg power to the rear wheel on a silky, smooth way, while filtering all vibrancy. The pedaling experience is improved by the symmetrically balanced drive system.

The graceful movement of Stringdrive turns the heads everywhere, every time.

Girl on stringbike

No noise

Totally silent biking.

Unique experience: no chain drive noise, no free wheel rolling noise, the only noise is the sound of the tires.

Enjoy the silent whoosh.

Animation about how the gears are shifted

Simple 19 speeds

The Stringdrive system has 19 different non-overlapping transmission ratios within an integrated gearbox.

Gears are selected by moving the rope wheels up and down. The upper position gives maximum and the lower gives minimum transmission ratio.

Gears can be easily changed even under heavy load.

Stringbike gear shifter

Drive it like a car

You can change gears in all riding situations: pedaling, rolling, and standing.

You can start from a stationary position in low gear, and gradually change the gears up. True city lover.

The strings will never fall off during gear change.

20% hill sign

Ascent made easier

Take full advantage of your body's natural strength. Gears are always turned in your favor, making it easier pedaling when you are weakest and harder when you are at your strongest.

The asymmetrical characteristic of Stringdrive increases the usable gear during the power portion of the pedal stroke between the 1 and 5 o’clock positions of the crank.

Rear view of Stringbike E line - showing how differently sized drums can be used

Adaptive dual drive

The Stringdrive is a dual drive which can be set asymmetrically to provide a different weight load for each leg, by changing the rear drums.

This way stringbike can be adapted to the needs of those having leg related injuries, or the needs of sportsmen wanting to develop muscles differently.

Colorful strings for every stringbike

Look fashionable

Simply neat.

Change the strings quickly and easily in 2 minutes, no tool required and no need to remove the wheel. Choose the color to match your outfit or mood.

You can wash the strings anytime in your washing machine if they get dusty.

Stringbike fits in your car easily

Wheels off quick & easy

Remove easily and quickly your bike's rear and front wheels for storage or carrying around.

Removing the rear wheel is almost as simple as removing the front wheel. It does not require special tools or knowledge.

Putting your bike in the car shouldn't be a hassle any more. Improve your cleanliness, use the optional stringbike wheel bags.

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