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StringHandbike Tricycle push-pull

Push-pull drive handle


Built from classic Stringdrive parts optimized for hands, powering the front wheel by colorful, clean strings.

Push-pull movement illustration

Move the gym outdoors

Work out your pectoral and dorsal muscles either in the countryside or in the city while riding. Accelerate like never before with a handbike.

Push-pull drive handle

P&P Push-pull drive

Use the handlebar to propel the bike by pushing and pulling it with a rowing motion. Long or short movements of your arms can roll the handbike.

Push-pull handle

Power & speed

Two independent gearshifts are controlling the power needed for pushing or pulling the handlebar.

Tricycle push-pull cruise

Handbike | Tricycle push-pull cruise | Unisex Black
strong tricycle cruise frame 20" + 24" double wall alu rims push-pull string drive