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Stringbike questions and answers

String durability? 500~1500 km, depending on use pattern. Should an emergency happen, there is spare string in the seat pole.
What is the string made of? Dyneema, strong HDPE coated string, resistent to sunshine, UV-radiation and rain.
Does the string slip when wet? No. Both tests and experience shows, that the wet string is less slippery. There is only rolling movement.
How does dirt, dust, mud and other stains effect the string? They might affect, shorten string longevity. String Drive is not ideal for extreme circumstances, however should one encounter such a situation, the spare string provides the safety margin. Dirty stringbike
What material is used for the swinging arms? German stainless spring-steel.
How does Stringbike compare to traditional bikes in terms of weight? Weight is model and specification dependent. Exact weight s can be found next to the specific model on the website and in the product catalogue.
How does it feel to ride a String Driven Bike? String Drive is a two sided, asymmetrical, elliptic drive. Produces a sprocket like feel. Drive characteristics are optimized for the most efficient pedal range between „2-5 o’clock”. After approximately 30 minutes of use, the brain and legs become accustomed to the different feel. The movement of the left and right crank units resemble the natural rhythm of a human’s gait. Our triathlon customers claim improved running ability, using the String Drive.
Where are the production facilities? The frame and the complete drive are produced in Hunagry. The string and the free-wheels are sourced from Germany. The R&D , technology development and design are European, primarily Hungarian. String Drive is a worldwide patent by Stringbike LLC.
What happens if the string snaps? It takes 10 minutes to replace, by the rider. No specialist knowledge required, worth watching the tutorial on the website. No tool required, no need to remove the rear wheel, or other parts. Spare string is provided, and neatly stored in the seat pole. The spare comes with instructions to install.
What speeds a Stringbike can do? Using the S size (56mm) string drum, at 110-115/min. pedaling rate (cadence), the top speed is 52 km/h. String drums can be selected to suit the rider’s preference and/or need: S (speed), M (all-rounder, and the standard size supplied) and L (hilly terrain). Please use a trained specialist to change the drums, although rarely required.
What is the span ratio of the gears? Is it true, that one can change gears, without pedaling? The ratio is 304%, between the 19 gear’s high and low positions . There is no need to pedal to change gears, however it can be done whilst pedaling. It can be driven like a car, while slowing down/ rolling, the gears can be changed back, enabling an easy start in „esier gear”.
Can I replace my current drive with a StringDrive? No, String Drive requires a double shafts at the middle hub, therefore it requires a special frame.
Do you satisfy individual requirements? Yes, we do individual frame paints. In this case only the individually painted frame and drive are supplied, leaving the customer to equip the rest. Individual paint is requested using the electronically downloaded frame drawing and coloured to customers’ specifications, hence your „own design”.
How do you remove the rear wheel? Really simple: loosen the brakes, remove the shaft, the wheel is removable. The string and the drums remain attached to the frame. No need to touch either the drive or the drums. Wheels can be put into bags for clean storage or transportation. Quick-release wheels require no tools.
What is more efficient: stringdrive or chaindrive? StringDrive technically is more efficient. However chaindrive is highly efficient too, therefore the difference is academical, not practical. New and well maintained chain bikes basically match the StringDrive efficiency, where the difference is noticeable is older, used chaindrives, whereby StringDrive will retain its high efficiency without maintenance, due to its rolling movement.
What strings colours are available? All basic colours are available, and many more. All colours can be found and ordered on the website. Changing, varying the string, gives the bike a new, different look.
What happens when you pedal backwards? Backpedaling still drives the bike forwards. It feels like a high gear. Making short forward and backward pedal movements, the bike will move forward.
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