Best Bike Mirror for Rad Bikes

Are you a cycling enthusiast? Are you looking for the right mirror to add to your bicycle setup? Well, if the answer is yes then one of the best mirrors that you should have in your inventory is a rearview mirror.

These mirrors come in different sizes and designs which makes it rather difficult to choose the right one that will best suit your needs. However, there are certain things that can be considered to guide you when making this purchase which could include the size of the mirror itself, customer reviews and so much more.

Today we are going to be taking a look at some of the best bike mirrors for road bikes that you should have in your inventory if you want to have that added advantage of being able to watch your back while biking.

Mirrors are not just for protecting yourself against other road users but they are also very beneficial when it comes to protecting the bike tires from any debris or glass on the road. You can also see if there is anything coming behind you so that you will lessen the chances of being able to be hit by a car from the back.

We will also be taking a look at some of the top benefits of using a rear-view mirror while cycling. Now, let us get into it and take a look at these mirrors that we have lined up for you below:

Best Bike Mirror for Rad Bikes

Whenever you buy a new bike your mind goes ‘Wow’ and the first time you ride a bike you enjoy the ride until you realize that you might want a mirror too for your rad bike.

When you are at a crossroad that you can easily know who might be behind you without you actually turning heads and so you can just actually have a view of the front and back at the same time leading to a trouble-free and better ride experience than ever.

For those contemplating between models like Specialized Roll and Crossroad, the choice of mirror can significantly enhance your riding experience, ensuring you’re equipped for any journey.

There are times when you would desire a suitable mirror for your rad bike while it being affordable and useful at the same time. Sometimes it’s really hard for you to decide which choice to make. Your mind would ask:

‘Is it the right decision?’
‘Couldn’t be there something much better?’
‘What is what and why is why?’
‘Can I afford the best?’

While having a bike mirror is beneficial and helpful for a safe and convenient ride, we should not forget that in times like these making the right choice might seem a bit hard and you can easily get confused and make a mistake.

So here we are providing you with the finest, secure, and reasonable choices with valid details to help you decide which mirror to get for your rad bike.

Rad Bike Mirror

Rad Bike Mirror

You can always buy a good mirror from the rad website but sometimes the mirror you want is limited or unavailable by the time you reach out to the website. We are going to assist you in finding a better mirror for you by listing out all you need to know about the best and the most sought-after rad bike mirrors. So are you ready to go deep with us into the market of choices?

Out of all the mirrors the two most well-known mirrors for rad bikes are



Mirrycle mirror is one of the most popular rad bike mirrors of all time, known by all and loved by its customers. Now you might be thinking about why it is so well-known and appreciated by a lot of customers. There are some of the reasons why customers prefer mirrycle mirrors over other bike mirrors:

Affordability: It is affordable for a lot of people as its price ranges from $10-$15 or somewhere in between.

Wide range of angle provision: It is an amazing mirror and you can have it fit in any position at almost any angle.

Easy availability of spare parts: one of the many benefits of having this mirror is that you can easily replace a part or make changes to your mirror either due to a defect or due to the need to change since they are easily available, and its spare part conveniently comes within a price range of $5 making it again a lot more feasible for the customer.

Convenient to install and fit: It is convenient to set it up, you have to join a few pieces together and then you can install it onto your handlebar and just tighten it up.

Wide range of view: It is a large mirror so you can have a clearer rearview. Mirrycle mirror is a convex glass mirror with a wide range view so you can have a better and clearer view compared to other bike mirrors.

Perfect fit for all ebikes: In addition to it, it is one of the best e-cycle mirrors of all time and fits on almost every bike except Rad Runner because it has an obstacle in its handlebar that prevents it from being fit on Rad runner ebikes handlebars, still some of the customers in Rad Runner Bike Fb Group were able to install mirrycle mirror on their Rad Runners by bringing some changes in their handlebars.

First choice of all ebike riders: While mirrycle mirror is well known for its other plus points a lot of people admitted that among all the mirrors they prefer going with mirrycle mirrors on their Rad bikes, not only because it’s so helpful and best but also because it looks so good on their ebikes and they have an opinion where they feel like a mirrycle mirror is a must-have for all the ebike riders out there.

Ensuring safety for its riders: Its wide range of views, angles, and easy fitting not only gives you a sense of your environment ensuring your safety but also brought along peace and comfort with it.



Hafny mirror is the second-best mirror after Mirrycle mirror making it also one of the favorites of peers. Although hafny mirror does not hold as many pros as mirrycle mirror it doesn’t make it any less desirable. Some of the major differences it holds from the previous mirror is listed below:

The difference in installation of the mirror onto the handlebar: it doesn’t fit at the end of the handlebar like mirrycle mirror but instead it has to be installed onto the handlebar making the handlebar space a bit less than it was in the mirrycle mirror.

Smaller in size: although hafny mirrors are not too small when compared to the mirrycle mirrors they were a bit less in size.

Fewer view angles and range: as we have already discussed since it is a bit smaller in size it makes its angles and range of views a bit limited.
Despite all the differences we know about hafny mirrors it doesn’t make it any less important, after all, differences are what makes us unique.

So yes if you have a Rad Runner then the hafny mirror is a perfect fit for you as they are a butter and slice combination together making the lives of Rad Runner ebike riders a lot more comfortable and better by adding more safety and help in their riding experiences.

MEACHOW Mirrors:


So now we are going to tell you about another mirror just as important as hafny mirrors have been for Rad runner ebikes. Now you might be wondering why just Rad Runner why not for all ebikes? Well if that pops up in your mind then you must be eager to know the answer to this question too. So here we are going, to sum up, some of the valid reasons for it to be a good combo for Rad runners but simultaneously a wrong fit for other ebikes.

We all know that some things which are right for someone are sometimes wrong for the other person. so let’s get started here:

Installation on the handlebars: their installation on the handlebars like hafny mirrors makes them one of the most suitable available options for Rad Runner ebike riders.

Difficulty in fitting in other ebikes: since for other ebikes mirrycle mirror is the best choice, if you install this mirror on them then you will be having difficulty since the space of the handlebar will be occupied by meachow mirrors. But in Rad Runner ebikes there is an obstacle in the handlebar and you will not be able to install a mirrycle mirror, in that case, the meachow mirror and hafny mirrors prove to be the best of options available for you to decide which one among them to go with.

One of the benefits of meachow mirrors is that they are durable, resistant to scratches, and come with an anti-glowing covering adding up to the pros mentioned before.

One Mirror or Two?

One Mirror or Two

There has always been a talk going on about whether you should have two ebike mirrors or only one will be enough. Well, the answer is yours to figure out but I will suggest that if you are in the US or you are in areas where traffic jam is not one of the major problems circling your head then you should go with one mirror, I think that will be more than enough for a person like that.

But if you are a person that faces traffic jams daily or your way to your destination includes a lot of crossroads and heavily packed roads then I would highly recommend two ebike mirrors. You should have two ebike mirrors for that will not only provide you with rear views of both sides but will also ensure a better and safer ride.

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While we ride on our ebikes daily mirrors prove to play a very important part in those rides, not only do they make our rides convenient and comfortable but they also are a lifesaver for any ebike rider out there. So if you are also an ebike rider and you have been wondering which mirror to choose then we hope this helps you in clearing your mind a bit as to which mirror is best for you. There are many other options that come with ebikes or are offered by the manufacturers so can choose from.

Whatever it is the choice always comes down to you, so before you make a decision give it a read and think twice so that you can be proud of yourself later, life is too short for regrets.

Enjoy an amazing ride on your rad bike with mirrors!