How Fast Do Rad Power Bikes Go? Rad Power Bikes 2024

Rad Power Bikes are the most innovative and forward-thinking bikes on the market. A Rad Power Bike is perfect for anyone looking to get out on two wheels without breaking a sweat. They offer a variety of benefits that can be seen in their top-of-the-line models, such as the RadRover+ and RadWagon+ and RadMini+.

Rad Power Bike is one the best and biggest direct to customer based company in the United States of America. They are famous for making distinctive and high-quality electric bikes that are reasonable and economical for almost all. Rad Power Bikes have electric bikes that fit every lifestyle.

Before we dive even further, check out our article on are Rad Power Biked good and learn about their longevity and reliability.

How Fast Do Rad Power Bikes Go?

Rad Power bikes come with a top speed of 25mph (40 Km/h) without pedaling. Many bikers do pedal and go faster than the programmed speed. Rad Power bikes speed also increases when you are riding downhill.  Some European bike brands are programmed for a maximum speed of 25 Km/h.

Whenever we talk about electric bikes we think of their range, their power, and their speed foremost. For speed is one of those attributes that make us go all-in for bikes.

We mostly prefer to buy those cars and electric bikes which provide us with the fastest speed and the most advanced features. And when we talk about the above things the first bike that came to our mind is Rad Power Bike.

Different countries have separate ways of classifying electric bikes based on their speed. But before we go into details of its qualities including speed let’s just discuss the classes into which the United States bikes industry have classified them:

• Class I: in this class, the bicycle is fitted with a motor that gives assistance only when we are pedaling too, and it stops providing us aid when the electric bike reaches up to a speed of 20 miles per hour.

• Class II: it consists of electric bikes that have motors that can be used only to move the bike forward but they will not be able to provide any aid once the bike goes to a speed of 20 miles per hour.

• Class III: in this class, only that bikes are included which consists of a motor that gives us aid only when we are pedaling too and it will stop providing any assistance once the bike has reached a speed limit of 28 miles per hour.

In Which Class Rad Power Bikes Are?

Before we dive into which class Rad Power Bikes are, take a look at this video and learn what sets e-bike classes apart: 

So all the Rad Power Bikes are grouped into class II which means basically that the motor will assist us to a speed of 20 miles per hour but after that, it will stop providing any more assistance.

We must be wondering, why class II?

Well, there is not just one reason to tell us but we might discuss a few of them:

1. Electric bikes are a source of enjoyment and joy for our rides.

2. Sometimes, we are just tired especially after a long day at work or maybe due to some illness or a hectic routine. It is for those days that class II electric bikes are made. They are provided with a throttle so you may reach a speed of 20 miles per hour without pedaling.

3. Rad Power Bikes also have a pedal assist that gives you a choice whether you want to pedal it or not, it all comes down to you. So if you are in a mood to enjoy a spring ride you can pedal the ride through.

4. Or if you want to carry a heavy load up to a hilly place you can use the motor to take you up with a speed of 20 miles per hour.

So all in all Rad Power bikes do miracles being a class II electric bike. No wonder why a lot of customers are amazed and they love Rad Power Bike just the way it is.

Max Rad Power Bike Speed

As we are talking here about the maximum Rad Power Bike speed we should not forget about the laws which different countries have for maximum speed allowance.

And while Rad Power bikes are growing day by day it is more important than ever to be aware of the laws related to their speed and them.

According to different regions, different countries have separate laws mostly because their opinions about bicycles differ from each other. In the United States of America, these electric bikes are just considered a good way to remain healthy and stay fit.

While on the other hand in Europe they are considered as a vehicle to get from one place to another. While some countries vary in their laws, a few countries are still working on laws regarding these bikes.

It was not long ago when electric bikes were permitted in New York City and those laws are still developing day by day.

In the United States, we have all the class II Rad Bikes which permits electric bikes to have a motor of 750 Watts of power and a maximum speed limit of 20 miles per hour or 40 kilometers per hour.

And as we have already discussed above it comes with a throttle and a pedal-assist feature enabling you to ride an electric power bike with or without pedaling function depending upon the need of situation and the mood of the rider.

In Canada, there is no class system for electric bikes and generally, all-electric bikes have a maximum power limit of 500 watts and maximum top speed limit of 32 kilometers per hour.

Increasing Your Max Speed

While we talk about speed and speed allowance according to different laws of different countries, that doesn’t stop you from increasing the maximum speed of your Rad Power bike.

But the question remains How? How are you going to increase the speed? Is there any hack or a way to do that?

Well yes, we do have a way by which we can achieve a speed faster than the speed allowance.

Rad Power bikes come with a default speed which can be increased by using an LCD for display. Ok so now without wasting any further time let’s get into it:

1. So you have to switch on your Rad Power Bike.

2. Then you have to click on the up and down arrows together and hold them until the screen display changes.

3. Now press the Mode button until you see any number telling you the max speed of the bike some shows (32 kilometers per hour). Press the up arrow and increase it to 40 kilometers per hour which is the maximum speed it permits.

4. Now press the mode button and hold it until you exit.

While this remains the most well-known method to increase the default speed, with the growing inventions one might also discover some other ways to do this speed hack task. Besides this, electric bikes have gears to adjust the bike speeed.

Max Recorded Speeds

Now before we dig deep into this topic let us tell you that we do not recommend going above the speed limits allowed by different countries and states according to their laws.

Because riding at a high speed might be dangerous not only for you but also for the people on the road and the pedestrians too.

Speed is good sometimes and in a few moments, it is a necessity like if you have to take a severely ill patient to hospital or if you want to reach somewhere really important on time.

But the rest of the times where you do have a choice and chance for safe riding you should. It will not only save your life but will also make you a civil and responsible person.

With keeping the above in mind let’s talk about some of the fastest speeds that have been recorded by Rad Power bike riders:

• A speed of 46 miles per hour was recorded by a customer while he was riding his Rad Mini.

• One of the other guys reported going up to a speed of 27 miles per hour, and he added that he didn’t felt that it was the right decision and warned the other customers to be careful in the future.

• Another rider told that he went up to a speed of 46 miles per hour and he quoted that it felt safe.

Rad Power bikes are not just aesthetic but are also bold and their breathtaking features have made them one of the best selling electric bikes around the world.

With Rad power bikes we can not only have a ride of joy but also we can live a rich and healthy life.

While speed is one of the top qualities that we aspire to have in our vehicles, it should be used wisely as a tool to deal with difficult situations and not as a liability.

Whether you want to be a civilized citizen or a reckless bike rider the choice is in your hands for what you do and what you don’t will always play a role in building up your character.

Rad Power Electric bikes are not just a good source of fun and recreation but also they have become one of the finest options among all other vehicles making our lives easier than ever. Get one for yourself now and enjoy the fuel-free riding that also benefits the earth too.