Rad Mini Bike 5 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Buy

I was also not much of a bike rider until I saw the Rad Mini bike and my eyes went crazy for it. I craved for having a bike like that which not only will be a source of my fitness and health but will also give me a sense of enjoyment and fun because riding a bike as cool as Rad Mini bike gives you that much happiness and joy which cannot be described in words.

So being a bike lover it’s always or riding a bike has developed as a new hobby for you over the years maybe because of your tilt towards fitness or you just want to enjoy the ride of life?

Whether you are looking for a sports bike or a bike or car substitute you need to give Rad Mini Bike a thought. Not only these e-bikes are convenient, easy-going, and resourceful but they are also adaptable and consume less fuel. Once you are going to own a Rad Mini Bike you are going to fall in love with it just like I did.

While I was planning to buy my new Rad Mini I considered a lot of things and qualities that made the ebike worth the price even when some electrick bikes were available in less price than Rad Mini.

You all must be wondering why I bought Rad Mini while I had so many other options available. Well, there were a lot of reasons that made Rad Mini Bike stand out among all the available choices. So here are some of the best and finest reasons why I opted for a Rad Mini Bike.

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Reasons to Buy Rad Mini Bike

1. Space Savings

Whenever you are buying a bike one must consider its size and foldability and flexibility. Well, guess what? Rad Mini Bikes fulfills all the above criteria making it again a high-value bike and a must-have for all the bike riders out there. What if you want to go on a trip like to a farmhouse or maybe seaside and you really want to take your bike there too but now you are upset because you cannot; as we all know that carrying a bike will not be feasible and even if you do carry it, it might not leave you enough space for all the other necessities.

Well, cheer up buddies because I have got a piece of good news for you. Oh yes! You guessed it right you can carry a Rad Mini Bike with you wherever you want. But wait! What about that taking up all the space thing? Well to your surprise Rad Mini Bikes are foldable taking up almost half or even less than half of the space which other bikes take. In addition to that, its front tire and battery are also removable giving you even more space and less stress to worry about. Saving up space is already proof enough of Rad Mini’s adaptability. Now you know how Rad Minibikes made way to my heart by not only being super fun but also being highly flexible and cooperative.

2. More Power, Torque, and Range

Power is one of the most important qualities which weigh down or take up the worth of any bike. As with Rad Mini, it beats others in this one too. Most of the bikes in the local market and other foldable bikes powers range from 250 to 500 Watts max. So do not be fooled by the mini size and the foldable attribute of Rad Mini. It is a top-notch succeeder in power having a power of 750 Watts which helps you climb up to hills and steep areas making your life a lot more comfortable and trouble-free.

And when this 750 watts power is added with its smaller 20″ tires their blend provides you with a torque even more than that of bigger electric bikes capable of ascending a hill much conveniently compared to other full-size bikes.

Not only does Rad mini possess these qualities but besides that, it has a long-lasting battery which allows Rad Minibike riders to have a range of 45 plus mi which is way better than all the other e-bikes having a maximum of 23 mi.

3. On and Off-Road Capability

Have you ever been in a situation where if you want to go ahead, you need to decide between the easy one and the difficult but life-changing option? And you can only move further if you go through that broken but beautiful path, but that decision requires not only courage, wisdom, strength, motivation, and the desire to move forward, but besides that, you also need to have the set of skills required to go into the right direction. Only then you will be able to reach your destination.

Keep that scenario in your mind and imagine if you are in a place where the only way you can reach your home requires you to take the pathway less traveled and more troubled. At that point, you have only two choices, either to stay there and not ever reach your place or to take the dare and move ahead along the risky but right road. What if you made the brave decision the latter one but now you don’t have the skills (and by skills I mean here the right vehicle, the right wheels)? Now how will you be able to cross that road ever even if you knew what to do plus you think you made the right choice too?

Now if you had thought it through you can feel the amount of hopelessness, fear, and frustration at that moment. Only if you could have a Rad Mini you can walk through this passageway with your head up, why? Because Rad Mini has high-quality tires that help you ride smoothly not only on roads but also on broken and messed uplands. Rad mini proves itself to be the best among all the other foldable e-bikes by also having a suspension in the forepart of the e-bike. So Rad Mini is the prime choice for an on and off-road equity.

4. Best Price Value

Well in the beginning when Rad Mini bikes were first launched they seem a little bit expensive compared to other electronic foldable bikes. But now when people have started to discover what it holds inside it; the power of 750 watts, a range of 450 mi, a long-lasting battery, foldability, front suspension, headlights, and the ability to have an on and off-road compatibility, style, and comfort they have started saying it’s a wonderful package of strength and desire and the price is worth it.

Not only it holds a bunch of these attributes but also it has a nice and cool appearance appealing to the customers. Furthermore, if you are a person who has to daily ride a bike like a student or a paramedic, or medical staff then it is an amazing deal for you because you are going to save a lot of buses and Uber fares.

So what are you waiting for?

Go get to the website and order a Rad Mini for yourself, it is going to save you the worries and troubles without a doubt man. Also, you are going to have it delivered to you free of cost!

Yes, it has free delivery!

Plus for your security, a signature is required while receiving the order to make sure it ended up in the right hands.

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5. Confidence and Customer Support

When I was considering buying a Rad Mini Bike I thought a lot and I also gave a read to other electronic bikes and their features but it always felt like something was missing, I was never satisfied. It was only until I searched about Rad Minibikes that I was content, not only because it has all the features I want but also because there was strength, durability, and trust associated with it. Rad Mini owners loved it and it has the best feedback from its buyers. Also, the company has won many bike city awards making them even more trustworthy and committed.

Rad company begins its work in 2007 which shows their work ethic and the experience that comes with all these years. Rad Mini is one of the best and most selling electronic bikes among my peers. People loved the way it is designed and how beautifully all the features are blended in to make a perfect electronic bike for the customers.

If you are having doubts as to which electronic bike to buy then I will suggest you buy none other than the Rad Mini e-bike, for not only it is durable and strong but it is the finest choice among all.

So when you are buying a Rad mini bike you are not buying a bike but a committed, easygoing, reliant, and trustworthy long-lasting partner for yourself.

Do invest in a Rad minibike today and enjoy the greener and energy-saving commuting and that too while burning some calories along too.