Single Speed Bike (9 Top Single Speed Bikes Explained)

The biking industry is full of gears, sprockets, derailleurs, and shifters. All of which can be quite overwhelming for a new rider. The good news is that you don’t need all of those things to have a great time on two wheels.

In fact, many riders prefer the simplicity of a single speed bike. It’s one less thing to worry about and can actually lead to a more enjoyable riding experience.

It can also be a great workout since you can’t coast and have to pedal the entire time.

A single speed bike is a bicycle with a drivetrain that has only one gear ratio. This type of bike is often used for commuting because it is simple to maintain and ride.

Many people also enjoy the challenge of riding a single speed bike, because it can be more difficult than riding a bike with multiple gears.

Single Speed Bike

A single speed bike is a great choice for those looking for a simple, efficient, and low-maintenance ride. These bikes are perfect for commuting or leisurely rides around town. They are also popular with cyclists who enjoy the challenge of riding without gears.

Single-speed bikes are available in a wide range of styles and prices. However, they all have one thing in common: they only have one gear. This can make them more difficult to ride uphill, but many cyclists enjoy the simplicity of a single speed bike.

6KU Fixie Overview

The 6KU fixie is a great bike for anyone looking for a lightweight and durable option for their next ride. This bike features an aluminum frame that is perfect for those who want a light and easy-to-maneuver bike.

Additionally, the front and rear brakes make this bike perfect for anyone who wants to be able to stop quickly and easily.

The pedals, handlebars, grips, saddle, and even the color of this bike are all included in the purchase, making it a great option for anyone looking for an all-in-one package.

Golden Cycles Fixie Overview

The Golden Cycles Fixie is the perfect bike for hitting the road. It’s built with a high tensile steel frame that’s fully tig-welded and comes equipped with a 1-1/8″ steel fork for ultimate durability.

You’ll love the way this bike rides, thanks to its 45-millimeter wheels and rigid suspension. And with front and rear brakes, you’ll be able to stop on a dime. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, the Golden Cycles Fixie is the perfect bike for you.

Mercier Kilo TT Overview

The Kilo TT is the perfect bike for anyone looking for a fast, lightweight ride. The frame is made of custom double-butted and tapered Reynolds 520 Cromoly with track dropouts, and the fork is made of custom-drawn butted and tapered 4130 Cromoly.

The headset is threadless, and the crankset is TruVativ Touro aluminum arms with 130 BCD and 48T PowerSpline.

The bottom bracket is a sealed cartridge 103mm or 108mm PowerSpline, and the pedals are traditional clips and straps. This bike is sure to give you a smooth, fast ride.

State Bicycle Co Bernard Fixed Gear Bike Overview

The State Bicycle Co Bernard Fixed Gear Bike is a great choice for anyone looking for a well-built, reliable fixed gear bike.

The lightweight 4130 Chromoly frame makes this bike incredibly easy to handle, while the flip-flop hub lets you switch between fixed gear and single-speed with coasting.

This bike also comes with front and rear radius brake and handlebar options, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a versatile, affordable bike.

Aventon Cordoba Overview

The Aventon Cordoba is a high-quality, lightweight fixed gear bike that is perfect for anyone looking for a fast and efficient ride.

The frame is made of double-butted 6061 aluminum alloy, and the fork is made of Aventon tapered fork with an alloy steerer tube and carbon blades.

The headset is a sealed bearing, and the bottom bracket is a VP sealed bearing. The gear ratio is 48/15T fixed or 48/16T freewheel, and the chain is 1/2″ x 1/8″.

The chainring/crank is Aventon push forged alloy, and the brakes are front Tektro brake included.

The hubs are flip-flop sealed bearing, and the rims are double-walled with 32 holes. The tires are Kenda 700c x 23mm. The pedals are not included.

All-City Cycles Thunderdome Overview

The All-City Cycles Thunderdome is a high-performance track bike that is perfect for racing and training. It features a lightweight 7 000 Series Aluminum frame, 25c tire clearance, and a Whisky No.7 RD Tapered fork for ultimate responsiveness and agility.

The All-City 612 Track Crank with 165mmarms and 49t ring provides incredible power transfer, while the KMC silver 1/8″ chain ensures durability and long-lasting performance.

This bike comes equipped with black Super Cush bar tape and locking bar-end plugs for added comfort and control. Whether you’re looking to race your best or train harder than ever before, the Thunderdome is a perfect choice.

Specialized Langster Overview

The All-City Cycles Thunderdome is a top-of-the-line track bike that is perfect for racing or riding around town.

The frame is made from Specialized A1 Premium Aluminum and features Track Geometry and fully-manipulated tubing for a race-ready ride.

The forks are made from Specialized FACT carbon fiber for a lightweight and responsive feel, and the headset is an integrated sealed Cr-Mo cartridge bearing with a 20mm alloy cone spacer.

The wheels are AXIS Classic Track, and the tires are Specialized Espoir Sport with double BlackBelt protection. This bike also comes with standard inner tubes.

Wabi Classic Overview

The Wabi Classic is a beautifully crafted fixed-gear bicycle that is perfect for anyone looking for a reliable and stylish ride.

Featuring a Crankset and Bottom Bracket from Andel, a Headset from Tange Seiki, and a Stem from Leadtec, the Wabi Classic is built with only the highest quality components.

The seat post is from Kalloy and is 27.2mm in diameter and 250mm long, while the brakes are from Tektro and include Jagwire cables. The chain is a YBN S20G2 1/2″x3/32″ model, and the lock ring is a Joy Tech BC1.29X24 /UCP.

Finally, the fixed cog is an Andel R30A 3/32″x20t, and the freewheel is an Andel FW21-16 1/2″x1/8″.

Larry vs Harry Bullitt Cargo Bike Overview

The Larry vs Harry Bullitt Cargo Bike is the perfect choice for those who want a classic, stylish bike that can carry all their belongings.

This bike comes in four different colors: black, white, green, and orange. It is made of a raw alloy that can be cleaned and polished or painted. The weight of the bike is 61.7 pounds and it has a motor with 250 watts of power.

It also has a battery capacity of 418 watts. The charge time for the battery is 2 hours for 80% charge and 4 hours for 100% charge. The range of the bike is 90 km.

What Are Single-Speed Bikes Good For?

Single-speed bikes are ideal for city riding because they are simple and easy to maintain. They are also great for hill climbing because you can use a higher gear ratio to make pedaling easier.

However, single-speed bikes can be more difficult to ride on uneven terrain, because there is no way to change gears. And, of course, if you’re riding on a flat road, you’ll be pedaling a lot.

Is It Worth Getting A Single-Speed Bike?

A single-speed bike is a great choice if you’re looking for a simple, efficient ride. These bikes are easy to maintain and can be very durable. However, they’re not ideal for everyone.

If you live in an area with hilly terrain, you may want to consider a different type of bike. And if you’re looking for a leisurely ride, a single-speed bike may not be the best choice. But if you’re looking for a fast, efficient ride, a single-speed bike could be a great option.

Is A Single-Speed Bike Difficult?

No, not at all! A single-speed bike is actually quite easy to ride. The biggest difference between a single-speed bike and a multi-speed bike is that you only have one gear to worry about. That means no shifting gears, which can be a major advantage for some riders.

What Is A Single-Speed Bike Called?

A single-speed bike is a bicycle that has only one gear ratio. This means that the pedals will turn the wheel at the same speed regardless of how fast or slow you are pedaling. Single-speed bikes are often used for commuting because they are simple to maintain and use.

Can Single Speed Bikes Go Up Hills?

Yes, most single speed bikes come equipped with brakes. The type of brake will vary, but the most common are rim brakes and disc brakes.

Single-speed bikes are not ideal for climbing hills as they only have one gear ratio. This can make pedaling feel very difficult, especially if the hill is steep. A bike with multiple gears would be a better choice for climbing hills.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A Single-Speed Bike?

A single-speed bike is a bicycle that has only one gear ratio. This means that the rider cannot change gears while riding, and must pedal at a constant speed.

Single-speed bikes are typically less expensive than multi-speed bikes and require less maintenance since there are fewer moving parts.

However, they may be less comfortable riding on hills or in rough terrain, and the rider may have to dismount and walk the bike up steep inclines.

Can You Coast On A Single-Speed Bike?

Yes! In fact, you can coast on any bike. Coasting is when you ride without pedaling. When you pedal, your legs push against the pedals and make the wheels turn. But if you stop pedaling and just let the bike roll, that’s called coasting.

Coasting is a great way to save energy when you’re riding a bike. If you’re going downhill, you can coast and let gravity do the work for you. And if you’re pedaling uphill, you can take a break by coasting for a little while.

Are Single-Speed Bikes Good For City Riding?

Single-speed bikes are a great option for city riding. They are lightweight and nimble, making them easy to maneuver in traffic.

Additionally, single-speed bikes require less maintenance than multi-speed bikes, making them ideal for riders who do not want to deal with the hassle of tuning and repairing gears.

Are Single Speed Bikes Good For Long-Distance?

A single-speed bike can be a great choice for long-distance riding, provided you’re comfortable with the higher gearing.

You’ll want to make sure your bike is properly outfitted for long-distance riding, with good tires and a saddle that’s comfortable for you.

You may also want to consider adding a front or rear rack to your bike to carry gear. If you’re planning on doing any climbing on your ride, a single-speed bike can be a great choice, since the higher gearing will make it easier to get up hills.

Do You Burn More Calories On A Single-Speed Bike?

The number of calories you burn while riding a bike depends on many factors, including your weight, the intensity of your ride, and whether you’re pedaling up hills or on level ground.

But if we’re comparing apples to apples (or bikes to bikes, in this case), a single-speed bike will make you work a little harder than a multi-speed bike, since you can’t shift gears to make pedaling easier.

That means you’ll probably burn more calories on a single-speed bike, all other things being equal.

Why Are Single Gear Bikes Popular?

There are a few reasons why people might choose to ride a single speed bike. For some, it’s a matter of simplicity – fewer parts mean less maintenance.

Others enjoy the challenge of riding a bike with only one gear and the feeling of “going back to basics.” And for many, single-speed bikes are simply more fun to ride than multi-gear bikes.

Why Do People Love Single Speed Bikes?

There are a few reasons that people love single-speed bikes. For starters, they’re incredibly low maintenance. You don’t have to worry about gears or tune-ups, which means you can just get on and ride.

They’re also very lightweight, which makes them easy to maneuver. And finally, they have a really sleek look that many people find attractive.

Are Single-Speed Bikes Slower?

The top speed of a single-speed bike is generally lower than that of a multi-speed bike. This is because single-speed bikes don’t have the gear ratios that allow you to pedal faster.

How Do You Ride A Bike Without Gears?

It’s actually quite simple, you just need a single-speed bike! A single-speed bike is a bicycle that only has one gear ratio, meaning that there is only one way to pedal the bike. This makes it much simpler to ride than a multi-speed bike, which can have up to 27 different gear ratios.

To ride a single-speed bike, you’ll need to pedal at a constant speed. This can be challenging at first, but you’ll quickly get used to it. You may also need to use your legs more than usual to keep the pedals moving.

What Is A Good Average Speed On A Single-Speed Bike?

Assuming you are talking about average speed over some distance, there is no definitive answer as it will depend on numerous factors such as terrain, wind conditions, rider weight, fitness, etc.

However, a good general guide would be to aim for an average speed of 15-20 mph. This should be achievable for most riders on most flat to moderate terrain.

If you are looking to go faster than this, then you may need to consider a different bike setup such as a road bike with multiple gears.

Which Bicycle Is Good Gear Or Without Gear?

A gear bicycle is better for long rides as it helps to keep a constant speed. A single-speed bike is good for short rides and is easy to maintain.

However, if you are planning to use your bicycle mainly for commuting, a geared bicycle would be a better choice as it will help you tackle hilly terrain and strong headwinds.

What Is The Advantage Of A Fixie Bike?

Fixie bikes are becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons. First, they offer a very simple and efficient riding experience. Because there is only one gear, fixie riders can focus on pedaling and nothing else.

This can be a great workout, especially if you ride uphill often. Additionally, fixie bikes are very lightweight and low-maintenance, which makes them ideal for city riding.

Another advantage of fixie bikes is that they can be ridden very easily on a track. If you enjoy racing or simply want to ride with friends, a fixie bike can be a great option.

Additionally, many fixie riders enjoy the challenge of riding without brakes. While this may not be for everyone, it can certainly add an element of excitement to your ride.

Are Single Speeds Any Good?

Single-speed bikes are becoming increasingly popular, but there is still some debate as to whether or not they are actually any good.

There are a few key benefits to riding a single-speed bike.

First, they are much simpler bikes with fewer parts that can break or need maintenance.

Second, because you only have one gear, you are much less likely to shift gears at the wrong time, which can save you energy and help you go faster.

Finally, single-speed bikes are often lighter weight than their multi-speed counterparts, making them easier to ride uphill.

How Do I Make My Single-Speed Bike Pedal Easier?

There are a few ways to make single-speed biking easier on yourself. One is to get a bike with a higher gear ratio, which will make pedaling easier. Another way is to use a smaller chainring and/or a larger cog.

This will also make pedaling easier. Finally, you can try using pedals with shorter cranks. This will also make pedaling easier. In general, though, single-speed biking is not going to be as easy as using a bike with multiple gears.

Are Geared Bikes Faster Than Single Speed?

A geared bike is faster than a single-speed bike on flat terrain and downhill, but a single-speed bike is faster on uphills.

This is because you can pedal faster with a gear ratio that is easier on a geared bike, but you will have to work harder to pedal at the same speed on a single-speed bike.

Can You Coast On A Fixie?

No, You can’t coast on a fixie because there’s no freewheel mechanism. This means that the pedals are always in contact with the wheels, so if you stop pedaling, the bike will stop moving.

This might take a bit of getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, it’s really not that big of a deal. In fact, many people find that riding a fixie is actually more fun than riding a bike with gears because it’s a simpler experience.

There are no shifters or derailleurs to worry about, so you can just focus on pedaling and enjoying the ride.

How Do You Use Gears On A Single-Speed Bike?

A single-speed bike only has one gear ratio, so you don’t have to worry about shifting gears. You can ride a single-speed bike on any terrain, but it is best suited for flat or rolling terrain. If you are riding on hilly terrain, you may need to get off and walk up the hills.

To ride a single-speed bike, you will need to pedal at a consistent cadence (pedaling speed). The best way to find a comfortable cadence is to spin the pedals quickly. You may need to experiment with different cadences to find what works best for you.


Single-speed bikes are a great option for riders who want a simple, lightweight, and low-maintenance bike. They are also a good choice for riders who want to focus on pedaling and are less concerned with shifting gears.

Single-speed bikes can be ridden on any terrain, but they are best suited for flat or rolling terrain. If you are considering a single-speed bike, be sure to experiment with different gear ratios and cadences to find what works best for you.