Trek 3700 Mountain Bike (7 Facts To Know)

The Trek 3700 mountain bike is one of the best biking models that money can buy. The designers at trek, who are also avid bikers themselves, have created one of the most durable bikes on the market.

This specific model is recommended for leisure riding over gentle hill climbs, descents, or trails that are relatively flat with shallow ravines or ruts. The trek 3700 mountain bike features a lightweight aluminum frame that is both strong and durable.

Trek 37000 Mountain Bike Facts

The front suspension has been newly designed to provide even more stability for this model than the previous entries in the Trek series have been able to achieve.

This great new design provides increased shock absorption which makes it even easier for you, as a rider, to enjoy a much smoother ride even over the most rugged of terrains.

The Trek 3700 mountain bike comes with 21 speeds, providing you with a much greater degree of control over how fast or slowly you want to travel as well as the degree of difficulty involved in this activity.

This great new model also includes disk brakes instead of rim brakes which provide greater control and stability as well as much better braking power.

All of these great new features combine to make the trek 3700 mountain bike one of the best values on the market today. The Trek 3700 mountain bike is clearly designed for function rather than fashion.

The basic black design is quite utilitarian but does include some attractive touches such as whitewall tires and white trim paint on the handlebar.

As with most of the Trek series, this bike comes in two women’s models that are similar but not identical to the men’s version. The Ariel version of this model features a step-through design which makes it much easier for female riders who may be uncomfortable straddling a seat post.

The Trek 3700 mountain bike is available in six sizes so it should be possible to find a model that fits each of the riders in your family.

However, there are some great models available for well under that price point which can be used by young riders or adults who are quite short in stature.

Trek 3700 Alpha Mountain Bike

The trek alpha bike series is designed to provide the best value in entry-level mountain bikes. These bikes are perfect for anyone looking to get into off-roading without breaking the bank.

The Trek 3700 mountain bike has traditionally been one of the most popular models of this line, with its combination of high-quality parts, excellent frame design, and competitive price.

Today we will look at the 2014 trek alpha series 3700 mountain bike in-depth to discover whether this is still true of the newest iteration of the bike. The frame of any bike is what makes it stand apart from other models on the market.

Trek designed their frame with riders of all sizes in mind. The alpha aluminum frame is lightweight, yet still durable enough to stand up to years of wear and tear without fail.

This versatility ensures that you will not have to worry about upgrading your bike again for a long time. Featuring trek’s E2 head tube, the design guarantees excellent handling regardless of the weight you are carrying.

The trek alpha series also features excellent suspension. Available in both front and rear options, this mountain bike has the ability to climb steep hills without sacrificing your comfort on the way back down.

Thanks to their design, these shocks absorb all of the small bumps and rocks present on trails for a smooth ride every time.

Trek 3 Series 3700 Mountain Bike

The mountain bike Trek 3 Series 3700 is designed for cyclists who prefer to stick close to the ground.

This bicycle features trek’s gravity-specific design, which includes geometry, components, and an overall feel that converges for a riding experience specific to mountain biking.

This bike has smooth riding characteristics ideal for local trails or cross-country racing. The trek 3 Series 3700 mountain bike is built in trek’s street-optimized A1 geometry.

The frame features a blend of Alpha and OCLV Carbon for compliance and efficiency, with internal cable routing that can be customized for different styles of shifting. Braking surfaces are also carbon to keep this bicycle lightweight but sturdy.

The 3 Series 3700 also features trek’s Endurance Race Geometry, which delivers a balanced blend of speed and comfort.

The seat tube angle is SL-ish at 72 degrees for seated climbing efficiency that becomes more horizontal as the frame size increases. This bike has moderately short chain stays that help you power up hills smoothly while still giving you nimble handling.

The 3 Series 3700 is equipped with trek’s zertz elastomeric seat tube inserts to increase comfort and encourage endurance for long rides.

This bicycle also features an exclusive blend of Alpha Platinum Aluminum for the shifting performance, strength, and weight that you need to beat your competitors.

The 3 Series 3700 mountain bike has front-end responsiveness that will help you handle technical sections of moderate trails with ease.

Its geometry is stable enough for beginners, but it has a snappy feel that will delight more experienced cyclists as well. The engineering and design behind this bicycle make it an excellent choice for cross country racing or long trail rides.

How Much Trek 3700 Mountain Bike Weight?

The trek 3700 weighs in at 26 pounds, making it one of the lightest bikes on the market today.

This is especially important for young riders who want to be able to carry their bike with ease without compromising performance.

Combined with 24 speeds, you will feel like an expert no matter your experience level when you are riding this bike.

How Much Trek 3700 Mountain Bike Costs?

Most competitively priced aluminum-framed mountain bikes providing similar quality and construction to the Trek 3700 mountain bike sell in the $450-$700 range so this is a great value when you consider all of its features.

The cost of this great biking model ranges from about $500 all the way up to more than $1000 which reflects the quality construction and materials used in creating it.

The Trek 3700 mountain bike is available both from retail stores and from the Trek website. A list of dealers can be found on this site or you can order directly from Trek.

You will find that in addition to a great new biking model, you also benefit from a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a lifetime warranty which is provided by the manufacturer at no additional cost to you.

Trek 3700 Mountain Bike For Women

Trek mountain bicycle has and is and with and in and to a great extent give rise to an effect on the human race.

Trek 3700 women’s mountain bike is most likely one that is custom-made for women whose proportionate length of legs relative to their torso is shorter than average.

The trek 3700 women’s mountain bike has a low stand-over height, which makes dismounting and mounting considerably easier than on most other bicycles.

Trek 3700 women’s mountain bike has several frame geometry options, so there is one best suited for an individual. Women with shorter arms and legs usually prefer the upright position of trek 3700 mountain bike for women’s, because it creates a more comfortable riding position.

People of short stature often choose trek 3700 mountain bikes for women with 26-inch wheels instead of 27.5 or 26-inch hybrids because they have shorter arms and legs relative to their height, so the reach to the ground is less awkward on a smaller diameter wheel.

Many of these bikes have lower bottom brackets and steeper head tubes to improve stability. Many of trek 3700 mountain bikes for women can be fitted with a third water bottle cage on the down tube or even a rack mount for extra gear carrying capability.

Some frame designs have provisions to mount racks and fenders as well. Specialty riding applications such as gravel racing, touring and commuting call for these features.

People with long arms and legs might find the standard trek 3700 mountain bike for women’s position to be somewhat cramped, so they might prefer a geometry that is similar to either regular or medium size men’s bikes.

Long reach requires a long stem, but shorter riders should avoid using this type of setup because it makes the bike harder to control.

The trek 3700 mountain bike for women is probably not one of the best choices for someone who lives in a very hilly area or does most of her riding on trails because the gearing range may be inadequate to negotiate long, steep uphills.

The XCM version features a Bosch pedal-assist e-drive as well as hydraulic disc brakes for people who would like a little extra help on mountain trails.

The trek 3700 women’s mountain bike is designed for off-road use and does not offer the same level of versatility and road capability that many hybrid or touring models do, because it has a higher bottom bracket and considerably more tire clearance.

Are Trek 3700 Bikes Good For Mountain Biking?

Yes, they are. Trek is a popular brand of mountain bike that offers a wide selection of models to choose from. Their collection includes everything from the hardtail to the downhill model so there’s something for everyone.

If you’re looking for a high-end, mountain bike that is going to perform well in a downhill setting for a reasonable price, then you should consider a Trek. Mountain biking is hard on bikes and the components will wear over time if they aren’t built to last.

Trek’s MTB fleet is used by many professional riders in all types of terrain so you know these bikes are built to withstand a beating. You’ll pay more up front, but you’ll end up with a durable ride that will last for years if taken care of properly.

Trek is also a good choice because they offer biking gear along with their bikes. This is beneficial because you can purchase all your biking needs from one retailer instead of going back and forth between two different stores.

Trek mountain bikes are good for their intended purpose because they’re designed to handle all types of terrain, will last for years with proper care, and Trek offers other biking supplies along with their MTBs.

If you’re looking for a high-quality bike that will be able to keep up with your downhill adventures, then a Trek is a good choice.