Trek FX 3 vs FX 4 (8 Key Differences)

Trek’s FX line of bikes offers great ride quality and value for the money. The FX 3 is the entry-level model in the line, while the FX 4 is a step up in terms of features and components.

The FX 4 is the better bike overall, but it comes at a higher price. If you’re looking for a great entry-level bike, the FX 3 is a good option. But if you want the best possible ride quality, the FX 4 is the way to go.

FX3 Overview

Trek’s FX3 is a versatile hybrid bike that is perfect for everything from commuting to fitness riding and even leisurely rides on trails or around town. It’s capable of handling a variety of riding surfaces, thanks to its tough frame and suspension system. The frame is made from lightweight aluminum, so it’s able to take on rough roads and trails without issue.

The front fork features a lockout system that allows you to adjust the amount of travel, depending on the terrain. This means that you can have a comfortable ride on smooth roads or a more responsive ride on rougher terrain.

The Trek FX3 also comes with a wide range of gears, so you can tackle any hill or headwind with ease. The bike has 21 speeds to choose from, so you can always find the perfect gear for the terrain. And, if you ever need to make a quick stop, the Trek FX3 is equipped with powerful disc brakes that will bring you to a stop quickly and safely.

The Trek FX3 is also a very comfortable bike. The saddle is well-padded and features an ergonomic design that will keep you comfortable even on long rides. The handlebars are also adjustable, so you can find the perfect position for your riding style. And, if you ever get too hot on a ride, the Trek FX3 comes with integrated front and rear fenders that will keep you dry and mud-free.

FX4 Overview

The Trek FX4 is a versatile bike that can be used for a variety of purposes. Here’s a detailed guide on what this bike has to offer and how you can make the most out of it. The Trek FX4 is a great option for those who are looking for a versatile bike that can be used for both commuting and recreation.

The bike is equipped with front and rear suspension, making it capable of handling both smooth and rough terrain. Additionally, the FX4 comes with a variety of different gear options, allowing you to tailor your ride to your specific needs.

One of the best features of the Trek FX4 is its ability to switch between a road bike and a mountain bike. The bike comes with different settings that allow you to adjust the suspension and gearing, making it easy to go from riding on the pavement to tackling trails. Additionally, the FX4 is equipped with disc brakes, which provide superior stopping power in all conditions.

With its front and rear suspension, disc brakes, and ability to switch between road and mountain bike settings, the FX4 is a great choice for those who want a bike that can do it all.

8 Key Differences Explained

The main difference between the Trek FX3 and Trek FX4 is that the FX3 is a high-gearing bike while the FX4 has better components. Both bikes are made for commuting and general riding around town, but the FX3 is going to be a bit more versatile thanks to its hybrid design. The FX4, on the other hand, will be a bit lighter and faster thanks to its road bike design.

The FX3 is Trek’s entry-level fitness bike. It has a lightweight aluminum frame and fork and comes equipped with 21 speeds. It’s a great choice for someone who wants a bike that is versatile and easy to ride. The FX4 is Trek’s upgrade to the FX3. It has a slightly heavier frame but comes with higher-quality components. It also has 27 speeds, making it better suited for longer rides or hilly terrain.

1. Frame

trek FX 3 frame

The FX 3 has an old aluminum frame, while the FX 4 has a modern aluminum frame. This makes the FX 4 lighter and stiffer, for a more efficient ride.

2. Fork

The FX 3 has a carbon fork, while the FX 4 has a revolutionary carbon fork. Again, this makes the FX 4 lighter and stiffer.

3. Drivetrain

Drivetrain FX 4

The Trek FX3 bike has a Shimano drivetrain with 2×9 speeds while the FX4 has a drivetrain of 1×11. However, the FX 4 has an upgraded shifter/derailleur for smoother shifting.

4. Brakes

The FX 3 has mechanical disc brakes, while the FX 4 has hydraulic disc brakes. The hydraulic brakes provide more stopping power and Modulation.

5. Suspension

Both bikes have front suspension forks, but the FX 4’s fork has a lockout feature for better efficiency on smooth surfaces.

6. Wheels

trek FX 4 wheels

The FX 3 has light aluminum wheels, while the FX 4 has new aluminum fiber wheels. The lighter weight of the new aluminum wheels will help you accelerate and climb faster.

7. Groupset

The Trek FX3 comes with an Alivio, Acera groupset while the Trek FX4 comes with a Shimano Deore groupset. The Deore groupset is of higher quality and provides better shifting performance.

8. Weight

The Trek FX3 weighs 11.7 kg while the Trek FX4 weighs 11.5 kg. This makes the FX4 the lighter bike of the two.

How Many Gears Does Trek FX4 Have?

Trek FX4 has 21 gears, making it perfect for a wide range of riding conditions. Whether you’re tackling hills or cruising on flat terrain, you’ll have the right gear for the job. Plus, with Shimano disc brakes, you’ll have confident stopping power in all weather conditions.

How Many Speeds Does Trek FX3 Have?

The Trek FX3 has three speeds, making it a great choice for versatile riding. Whether you’re commuting to work or taking a leisurely ride around the neighborhood, the FX3 has got you covered. Plus, with an affordable price tag, it’s a great option for budget-conscious riders.


Both the FX3 and FX4 are great trucks, but there are some key differences that you should be aware of before making your purchase. The FX4 is the more expensive truck, but it offers a number of features that the FX3 does not, including:

1. More standard features

The FX4 comes with a number of features that are not standard on the FX3, such as:

  • Heated front seats
  • Automatic climate control
  • Satellite Radio
  • Power adjustable pedals

2. More Powerful Engine Options

If you’re looking for more power under the hood, the FX4 is the way to go. It offers a number of different engines with more horsepower and torque than the FX3.

3. Better Off-Road Capabilities

The FX4 is the more capable truck when it comes to off-roading. It has a number of features that make it easier to tackle tough terrain, such as:

  • A higher ground clearance
  • Skid plates
  • Locking rear differential

If you’re looking for a truck that can do it all, the FX4 is the way to go. It’s more expensive, but it offers a number of features and capabilities that the FX3 simply doesn’t have.