How Fast Can A Dirt Bike Go? – 13 Bikes Explained

Dirt bikes are a fast, versatile, and simple type of two-wheel motor vehicle that is used for the purpose of off-roading. Typically they have an engine size less than 125 ccs and can be either male or female models.

However, it all depends upon what terrain you’re riding through to know how fast does a dirt bike can go?

The average speed that a dirt bike can attain is between 50 and 60 miles per hour, depending on how powerful the engine. If they have an increase in horsepower strength then the maximum they will be able to develop may increase as well.

Male models tend to place more emphasis on speed, whereas female models place more emphasis on control and stability.

Dirt bikes are typically used for racing and riders typically wear protective gear like long pants, gloves, knee pads, and boots. Other familiar examples of two-wheel motor vehicles include motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds.

The fastest type of dirt bike is the ‘GP racer’, which has an engine size between 250 cc and 500 cc. A 125 cc dirt bike can go up to about 50 mph (80 kph). The best example of a 125 cc dirt bike is Honda CRF125F. The Suzuki DR-Z125 is an example of a 250 cc dirt bike. The fastest road-legal dirt bike is the KTM 1190 RC8 R which has a massive 1,195 cc engine and can reportedly go up to about 180 mph (290 kph).

1. 50cc Dirt Bike – 20-40mph

50cc Dirt Bike

A 50cc dirt bike can go about 20-40 mph. A 50cc dirt bike is a smaller version of the motorcycle, and can also be referred to as a “mini-moto.

A 50cc dirt bike is a fairly small motorcycle designed for use on the track. A person weighing 110 lbs would be able to ride a properly-sized 50cc dirt bike around a flat track without any problems.

A 50cc dirt bike is different from larger motorcycles because it does not have as large of an engine and will never have as much power as a larger motorcycle. A 50cc dirt bike will have between one and five horsepower, depending on the brand of the dirt bike. The

2. 65cc Bike – 20mph

65cc Bike

The average 65cc dirt bike goes around 20 MPH if it has all its parts and is in good condition.

If you don’t mushed the throttle, or try to power brake (comes down with engine braking), and full throttle in a turn (loses traction and slides), then it’s probably closer to 30 MPH.

The average 65cc dirt bike goes around 18-20 mph for the first 6 seconds. It has more to do with weight transfer than engine power, but it’s usually 1 second per 10 lbs., so if you’re about 150 lbs., it’d be 12.5 – 15 mph.

3. How Fast 80cc Goes – 60mph

80cc dirt Bike

Almost all 80cc dirt bikes are capable of going over 45 miles per hour, with some going up to 60. The weight of the dirt bikes will affect speed and performance.

An 80cc dirtbike is usually powered by two-stroke petrol or electric motors, though they can also be powered by four-stroke petrol engines.

Four-cycle motorcycles are more common than two-stroke motorcycles, however they are generally used for more serious racing and therefore will be beyond the reach of most people who want to buy them as a recreational vehicle.

4. What About a 100cc – 72mph

100cc dirt Bike

The top speed of a 100cc dirt bike is around 72 mph (116 km/h). A normal speed it will reach when accelerating is between 45 and 55 mph (72 and 88 km/h).

The time it takes to accelerate from 0-45 mph (0-72 km/h) is around 2.5 seconds. From 0-55 mph (0-88 km/h) it is around 3 seconds.

A 100cc dirt bike is able to accelerate very quickly and reach high speeds when they are designed specifically for racing on an oval track or flat track.

5. 110cc – 30-35mph

110cc dirt Bike

100cc Dirt bikes go anywhere from about 30 mph (48 kph) up into the 40s (64 kph). The average speed of a 100cc dirtbike is around 35 mph (56 kph).

The highest rate that a 110cc dirt bike will go is about seventy-five miles per hour. This speed may vary from one model to another, though typically speeds range from sixty mph to eighty-five mph.

6. 125cc Dirt Bike – 50-60mph

125cc dirt bike can go 50-60 mph. Some 125cc dirt bikes can go faster depending on the manufacturer, but 50-60mph is average speed for a 125cc dirt bike.

A 250cc dirt bike typically has about 40-45 horsepower and between 27-33 foot-pounds of torque. For ease of comparison, assume that both bikes have the same horse power rating. Riding position and weight distribution always varies by bike, so the exact speed will depend on the individual speed characteristics of each bike.

7. 125cc 4 Stroke – 60mph

125cc 4 stroke dirt Bike

A 125cc 4-stroke dirt bike can go very fast. It is capable of going up to 60 miles per hour and has a horsepower of about 9. The rear wheel size for this motorcycle is 18 inches which means it can travel long distances in a short amount of time.

A normal person weighing 150 pounds would weigh at least 250 pounds when sitting on this motorcycle.

A 125cc 4-stroke dirt bike is a small four-wheeled motorcycle that is often used for off-road purposes. It can be driven on tracks and trails made just for dirt bikes, but it cannot be driven on roads with speed limits of more than 50 mph or on freeways.

8. 150cc Bike – 60mph

150cc dirt Bike

A 150cc dirt bike can do an average of 60 miles per hour on paved roads but lose this ability when put on uneven terrain such as gravel or muddy areas because it would be harder for the rider to balance and control their speed.

A 150cc dirt bike is one of the more powerful bikes on the market, capable of doing large speeds. However, even though it might be able to reach high speeds it can also stop just as fast if needed.

The average speed for a 150cc dirt bike will change depending on multiple factors, including where you are riding it and who is on the dirt bike.

9. 200cc – How Fast?

200cc dirt Bike

A 200cc dirt bike will typically go around 60 miles per hour, or 97 kilometers per hour on flat ground. However, it is capable of going faster than that if the terrain is uneven enough to give it more power.

If you plan on racing your buddy with one of these bikes, try to use as much of the terrain as you can. When racing on flat land, the 200cc dirt bike is outperformed by many other bikes.

However, if you do end up competing on a flat surface, choose small hills and slopes that give your engine more power output.

10. 250cc Dirt Bike – 85-135mph

250cc dirt Bike

The average 250cc dirt bike is capable of going between 85-135 mph. It may not sound very fast compared to some other types of motorcycles, but in the world of off-roading it is considered quite fast.

The reason for this is because in order to be able to ride it on an actual trail you need something that can maneuver at high speeds.

The 250cc dirt bike is designed to be able to do this because it has both a high torque engine and a low weight.

The average weight for these bikes are anywhere from 200-300 pounds which makes them easier to go over uneven terrain without tipping. It also helps that they have very high powered engines, making them much faster than most other bikes in the same category.

11. 400cc – 70mph

400cc dirt Bike

A 400cc dirt bike can reach a top speed of around 70 mph on many models.

The engine is good for accelerating from a standstill, but not so much for long periods at full throttle. At higher RPMs, these engines tend to lose some power. This makes it hard for the rider to hold a high speed on straight areas or long, gradual uphills.

Riders generally report that the acceleration on any 400cc dirt bike is impressive enough at low speeds for them to have no trouble catching up or passing other riders, should they need to during a race.

12. 450cc – 100 to 120mph

450cc dirt Bike

A 450cc dirt bike has a top speed is between 100 to 120 mph.

At these speeds, the rider uses a gear smaller than first to prevent from losing traction and stalling out. A motocross track is a large oval-shaped course with many jumps and hills.

Riders will often use a special suspension setting when riding on jumps so that they have an optimal amount of traction and stability in the air.

A 450cc dirt bike is a type of motorcycle that is loved by many racers and riders because it’s easy to ride, maneuverable, and still extremely fast. It’s also surprisingly stable so you don’t need to be concerned about falling off as you go around corners or up steep hills.

450cc dirt bikes are the class of motorcycles that take part in motocross races, which is one of two main types of off-road motorcycle racing (the other being endure racing).

A 450cc dirt bike can be used to go for rides on trails, race in motocross races, and is often used for trail riding.

13. 500cc – 100mph

500cc dirt Bike

The short answer is that a 500cc dirt bike can go about 100 miles per hour. But, how fast does it get there? That depends on the size of the engine and how much work it has to do.

This number is only a rough estimate because the top speed of a motorbike will vary depending on how it’s being used and what kind of terrain it’s being driven on.

In the world of motocross, a 500cc dirt bike is a very powerful machine. It can leave other bikes in its dust and pull distance and height on jumps that makes it an incredible and intimidating vehicle to ride.

Affecting Factors

However, another factor that adds to a faster speed is the terrain. If the dirt bike isn’t on a flat surface and has to go up or down hills, it will add more horsepower to get up the hill and slow it down going down, thus making it slower than if it were on a flat surface.

Also, another important factor is the weight of the dirt bike and rider. The heavier it is, the slower it will go because it needs more horsepower to overcome the gravity and acceleration of its own weight. However, if there’s not much weight on the dirt bike (like no one on it), then it will go faster.

Another factor is the type of terrain on which it is riding. If it’s a long, smooth hill, then the bike will have longer “coast time” so to speak so it’ll likely go faster because there isn’t any hills or bumps to pump up and slow down the bike from going at its max speed.

If it’s a hill with bumps, then it’ll likely go slower because the bumps will pump the dirt bike up and down and force it to slow down so that it can get over the bump instead of crashing into it and potentially hurting the rider.

Still another factor is how much weight is on the wheels. If there’s more weight on the front wheel (because of a heavy load), then it will go slower because that extra weight is put onto the back tire and pushes the dirt bike into the ground. If there’s more weight on the back tire, then it will go faster because it has better traction with the ground.